In Colombia there are around 300,000 children with cerebral palsy

We provide a home rehabilitation opportunity to children with cerebral palsy and their families, through our home rehabilitation kit.

Thanks to the social responsibility of sponsors, it is possible to take our innovation to rural Colombia, improving the quality of life for children with cerebral palsy.

The families we sponsor are low-income, which due to lack of income, knowledge and living far from specialized centers, cannot access decent rehabilitation, which makes children worse every day.

Sponsoring companies receive benefits such as donation certificates, digital marketing actions for their companies.

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70% of children with cerebral palsy due to lack of resources cannot access elements that contribute to their rehabilitation

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Thanks to sponsors it is possible to have a rehabilitation at home and improve the quality of life of your child and your family

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Thanks to our sponsors we can deliver rehabilitation kits in rural Colombia, generate smiles, break circles of poverty and create opportunities to improve the quality of life of thousands of families of children with disabilities.

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At KITSMILE we develop multi-functional products for children with disabilities, learn about our history HERE

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