Our in home rehabilitation kit, part of 3 fundamental positions (food, exercises and rest) in which the child receives continuous stimulation, generating a motor and cognitive development of the child with cerebral palsy.

At KitSmile we train and empower parents on the correct management of pathology.


It adapts to children from 2 to 12 years old through its modules, or from 50cm to 1.50cm, the age at which they need to be permanently stimulated.


The rehabilitation kit works the main areas of children with cerebral palsy, such as: Cephalic control, postural alignment, stretching exercises, abductor, interaction with the environment, managing to mitigate disabilities that are generated by poor care.


It is based on a Spanish neurodevelopmental method (Bobath) used over 40 years ago in rehabilitation.

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Thanks to our sponsors we can deliver rehabilitation kits in rural Colombia, generate smiles, break circles of poverty and create opportunities to improve the quality of life of thousands of families of children with disabilities.

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We have won more than 10 awards and recognitions for our social innovation model, by bringing a rehabilitation opportunity to children with cerebral palsy in Colombia.

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At KITSMILE we develop multi-functional products for children with disabilities, learn about our history HERE

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